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Our Work

Becky’s First Boat 14.5 Shoalwater Cat

Hard work has paid off. I finally got my first boat of my very own, a 2001 Shoalwater 14.5 Cat. Now when I am not in the shop building cushions, boat canvas products and other items you will be able to find me out on the water. The boat didn’t look the way is does in the picture at when I got it, please check out the new Shoalwater 14.5 Cat page in the photo gallery to see how new upholstery can transform a boat. There are lots of other improvements in store so check back often.
Thank You
Please Remember Always Wear Your Kill Switch

Winter is Almost Over New Tide Chart Available

We are soo grateful in Port O’Connor that this year seams to have brought us a short and mild winter. Although we traditionally experience our worse winter weather in the first 2 weeks of February, winter has brought us a pleasant January. Wearing shorts and flip flops there are alot of people moving around town getting ready for a long spring season and the much loved early trout fishing. Myself, beginning the second official year of being in business has brought me more blessings than anyone has the right to ask for. Thank you all for allowing me, to assist you in keeping your boat in good working order, allowing me to meet many special people and new lifetime friends, also giving me the ability to enjoy life in POC (my home) through different eyes. Have a Safe and Happy 2012. Please be careful when boating and always wear your Kill Switch, the sound of sirens in POC is not a pleasant one. Please drop by the shop when you can and share your fish stories & pictures I love to see them. I have linked the new 2012 NOAA Tide Chart and local weather for your reference at the bottom of all our pages. Thank You Becky

Foul Weather Protection For Your Boat

Seasons are changing and here on the coast we are finally seeing slightly cooler temperatures and a few showers. We have developed an original design for what we call Our Windscreen some would call it a Spray Curtain. Easily attaching to your T-Top using Velcro Fastening System our custom fit Windscreen can help protect you from the foul weather elements while on your Center Console Boat. Customers that already have our Windscreen report to us the ability to avoid the cold bite of the wind, dampness of the light fog, and rain showers often experienced during the upcoming seasons. Each Windscreen is custom fit to your T-Top and needs, coordinating with your boat you can choose the color of the trim. Please check out our Photo Gallery for other examples of windscreens we have made.

Custom Removable T-Top Windscreen

Protect Your Boat from the Sun and Elements

As seen here, we can make custom Sunbrella protective covers for your boat in any color you like. Featured in this picture are Terracotta, Yellow and Cadet Grey Sunbrella canvas console, seating, motor and Power Pole covers we have made to help our customers protect their boating investments.

T-Top and Bimini Canvas

Custom T Top Canvas

Shade on the boat is great year round, but especially during the summer. Many boaters use Bimini tops or T-Tops to help provide relief from the sun. We make the canvas for Bimini Tops and T-Tops in your choice of color, size, design, patterns and fabric. Just completed this custom design last week Custom T Top Canvas

Talon Cover

Minn Kota Anchor

I have made alot of canvas covers for the Talon Shallow Anchor and somehow they have gotten away without me getting any pictures. Until now. The one pictured is a non towable version, I also make a Towable version that has reinforcements to secure them. Hopefully I will get a picture of one of them soon. They are available in many colors and for both the 6′ and 8′ modelsMinn Kota Anchor

No job is too big or too small

Large Canvas Boat Cover

At BB Upholstery we don’t look at any job as too big or to small. This is a canvas boat cover that was in need of repair after a spring storm damaged it.
Large Canvas Boat Cover

Scarab Restoration

Scarab Helm Seating

Tyler with Mobile Marine Detailing got the Scarab detailed and we got to install all of those knee rails and seats everyone had to walk around during the Grand Opening. After a simple seat restoration and cleaning the boat looks like new.Scarab Helm Seating

Sunbrella Protective Cover

Sunbrella Protective Cover

Protect your boat from the elements with a custom fitted Sunbrella cover
Sunbrella Protective Cover

Cushions of any size

We make cushions of all sizes, this week the smallest we made was an 5″x20″, largest was 7’x6′, this on was 4″ deep and 24″x42″
4" marine cushion

Removable Ice Chest Cushions

Removable Ice Chest Cushions

Pictured here are some removable cushions that fit on your 54qt Marine Igloo Cooler, they are also available for the 94Qt. Very light weight, they bolt on to your Ice Chest lid and can be made in several styles and any color combination. The red white and blue one will be featured in the Warriors Weekend Auction April 1, 2011 in Victoria, we also have a sample in our shop for you to try out.

Removable Ice Chest Cushions

Lightweight and Removable Ice Chest Cushions

54 qt Marine Igloo Cushion

54 qt Igloo Cushion

Custom cushions to fit your 54 qt Marine Igloo Cooler are available to match your existing boat upholstery, truck color, or even your favorite team or driver.54 qt Igloo Cushion

The Beginning Of BB Upholstery

Custom Boat Seats

Custom Boat Seats
This boat and the seats on it is what started my Brother and I dreaming of opening an Upholstery Shop 2 years ago. After much planning, training, practice, a lot of work and continual trial & error I am glad to say we have began living our dream with the opening of BB Upholstery this year. This is the third and I am sure not the last set of seats this boat has been privileged to wear, what a lucky boat

Dining Chair Cushions

Dining Chair Cushion

Dining Chair Cushion
Although we Specialize in Marine Upholstery, we also do other types of Upholstery. These are dining chair cushions made for a customer earlier this week

Avenier Seat Protection

Seat and Motor Protection

The new Avenier and Aergo Seats provide an outstanding comfortable ride on the new shallow water boats. And like all boat upholstery should be protected from the elements when not in use. This is a custom cover we made last week to help a customer protect his seatsSeat and Motor Protection

Cover your Boat

Protect your boat

5 Separate Covers Protect your Boat Completely, without the bulk of a bow to stern cover.Protect your boat

Delivered Earlier Today

18' Bayhawk

New seats for an 18″ Bayhawk18' Bayhawk

T Top Windscreen


Stop the cold air or rain from blowing in on you with a windscreen custom fit for your boat. TTop WindscreenWindscreen

Power Pole Covers

Custom Power Pole Cover

According to fiberglass experts the worst thing that happens to the fiberglass shaft on your Power Pole is exposure to the sun. Protect your Power Pole with a custom cover. Available for 4′, 6′, and 8′ models. Please call for pricing Custom Power Pole Cover

Redfin Before & After

Redfin Before & After
Redfin Before & After

New Upholstery Brings Life to Any Boat

Uninstalled Leaning Post

Leaning Post (uninstalled

Leaning Post (uninstalled

23′ Explorer

23' Explorer Complete Seating Package

23' Explorer Complete Seating Package

Padded Headboard

Padded Headboard

Padded Headboard

Boat Seats

Center Console Passenger Seating

Center Console Passenger Seating